Prisoners movie explained in hindi

Decoding the Symbolic Ending of Prisoners : The art of evoking suspense, while keeping viewers at the edge-of-their-seats, is an intricate one.

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No one does this better than Denis Villeneuve, the visionary Quebecois director who emerged into the limelight with his critically-acclaimed, monochrome drama, Polytechnique and revelatory war-thriller, Incendies However, it was his English-language debut, Prisonersthat revealed Villeneuve as a master of suspense — it is a plot laden with moral perplexities, religious symbolism, and complex characters, who are trapped in their inner worlds that are alarmingly Kafkaesque.

Today, we will unravel the rich symbolic fabric that runs throughout Prisoners. Set in the suburbs of Pennsylvania, featuring quaint, almost-empty streets and alleyways lined with birch trees, the film zeroes in on two families, whose lives are at least, initially characterized by a sort of pre-world insulation against the perils of the world-at-large. We witness Dover a carpenter by professionstock his basement with emergency provisions that could potentially outlast an apocalypse.

Enter Detective Loki Jake Gyllenhaalintroduced in an early, noir-addled shot, having dinner alone at a Chinese diner, while heavy rain assaults the window panes. The aura of bleak ennui is heightened when Loki detains a possible suspect for the kidnapping case, Alex Paul Danoa socially-inept, mentally challenged man, and the owner of the RV, outside which, the girls were last seen. Then on, the plot unravels in ways that are visceral, with the stakes being too high — Dover and Loki follow divergent paths in the pursuit of the missing girls.

In order to understand the ending better, it is crucial to analyse the symbolic underpinnings of the narrative, and the events that lead up to the climactic denouement.

The Maze is a prison of the mind, rife with false starts, red herrings, and dead ends. It is a symbol of enslavement and oppression, as highlighted in the case of troubled and somewhat-unhinged Bob Taylor David Dastmalchiananother potential suspect and victim of child abuse, who shoots himself mid-interrogation. Faith, or lack thereof, is a propeller for character motivations in Prisoners.

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Dover, armed with his faith in God and the mercurial wrath of a distressed parent, chooses violence, brutally torturing Alex in the process, with catastrophic consequences. Both men are crippled by their ineptitude in carrying out their versions of justice, being prisoners of their own faith. While Dover plays judge, jury, and executioner, mired in guilt, spiritual turmoil, and dwindling faith, Loki, with his Freemason ring, occult-tinged tattoos, and obsessive persistence, reaches the heart of the maze and slays the Minotaur.

During the climactic final moments of the film, Dover is drugged, wounded, and imprisoned in an underground pit by Holly, which is hidden by a car in her driveway.

However, despite saving the day, Loki returns to the crime scene, even after the forensics team leaves empty-handed — a reaffirmation of his hamartiaa mind that lingers on unanswered questions, on tentative loose ends.

By ending the film right before this moment, Villeneuve proves himself, yet again, as a maestro of perfect storytelling. Detective Loki has heard the whistle go off, and owing to his nature, beyond a shadow of a doubt, he will rescue Dover from the pit.

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Instead of playing out a hackneyed resolution, Villeneuve caps the thriller off at the perfect moment, as a result of which, we, the audience, continue to linger upon the fate of Dover, even after the credits roll.

It is difficult not to speculate what lies ahead for Dover, now that his family is safe, yet he, a broken man, plagued by sin and repentance, does not have the luxury to stick around the ones he is so fiercely protective of. The ending instils a sense of lingering anxiety in us, a sense of morbid curiosity, which is exactly what Villeneuve and Guzikowski are aiming for. This way, the narrative assumes a life of its own, living in our minds, branching off into divergent paths, creating a unique labyrinth in its own right.

Prisoners is a carefully-paced, intelligently-crafted crime thriller, with landscapes created by the wonderful Roger Deakins that bleed with nihilistic bleakness, imparting a haunting sense of eeriness throughout. What makes Prisoners a notch-above competent thriller is its ending — without dialogue or further exposition, the metaphors speak for themselves, as they often do, in art, and in life.

An intersection of hope and hell. Wildly passionate about poetry and cinema, maddened by the idea of beauty. Kindly Share it! Related Posts.The film narrates the story of three prisoners and a documentary filmmaker who, while filming their reformation story in the prison, finds redemption with her own troubled marriage. The film was showcased among the Indian panorama section, at the International Film Festival of India. The film was also premiered at the Kolkata Film Festival.

Three men are on death row. Jaggu Jackie Shroffa lawyer and a poet, is serving a sentence for murdering his wife because she was cheating on him with another man. Nagya Nagesh Kukunoora man angry with the whole world, is arrested for murdering his wife too, but he claims that it was an accident where she falls off the sidewalk while they were in the middle of a heated argument. Ishaan Naseeruddin Shaha happy-go-lucky man, is also arrested for murder that he commits while in the act of robbery.

The prison's custodian is Mohan Gulshan Groverwho attempts several methods to reform the prison's inmates. A documentary filmmakerChandrika Juhi Chawla comes to the jail to set a film about these three men. In the process, she finds redemption to her troubled marriage. During the film's premiere at the Kolkata Film Festivalwriter-director Nagesh Kukunoor explained his thoughts behind the film's story:.

I was intrigued by the feelings of a person locked up somewhere. Momentary excitement can ruin you and confine you to a prison for the rest of your life. In my film, the convicts tell their stories to the film-maker, played by Juhi Chawla. And, at the end, each story links with the others. In another interview before the film's release, Kukunoor spoke about his inspiration from a documentary film on prisoners at the Yerwada Central Jail.

After watching this film, he spoke to two ex-convicts who were featured in it. After hearing to their stories, Kukunoor was interested with the premise that a normal person could become a convict so easily.

Kukunoor wrote the script in English initially and named it as Three Walls. But the producer felt that English title would take away potential audience, who would, otherwise, have watched the film. Kukunoor reasoned it to cover the cost of three established actors, shooting in a real jail.

The post-production was also relatively expensive because of the usage of digital effects and special treatment in shooting prison scenes.Prisoners is a American thriller film directed by Denis Villeneuve from a screenplay written by Aaron Guzikowski. The plot focuses on the abduction of two young girls in Pennsylvania and the subsequent search for the suspected abductor by the police.

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After police arrest a young suspect and release him, the father of one of the daughters takes matters into his own hands. It was chosen by the National Board of Review as one of the top ten films ofand at the 86th Academy Awardsit was nominated for Best Cinematography.

The four children go for a walk, and Anna and Joy play on a parked RV. After dinner, the two go missing. Detective Loki responds to a police call that an RV matching the description is at the edge of the woods, and arrests the man inside, Alex Jones. During interrogation, Loki realizes Alex's diminished IQ prevents him from planning a kidnapping and learns that his RV contains no forensic evidence of the missing girls.

Loki runs down leads on local pedophiles and finds a corpse in the house of Father Patrick Dunn. Dunn admits to killing the man after he confessed to murdering 16 children for his "war on God". The police captain releases Alex to his aunt, Holly. Convinced of Alex's guilt, Keller assaults him outside the police station, where Alex whispers to him, "They didn't cry until I left them. Along with a very reluctant Franklin, Keller begins to torture Alex in an empty building Keller owns.

At a vigil for the girls, Loki approaches a suspicious man who flees. Loki releases a sketch of him to the community. The suspect sneaks into the Birch and Keller houses. Grace hears him and calls Loki, who learns while responding that Keller spends his nights away from home.

Loki tracks down the suspect, Bob Taylor, at his house. At the police station, Taylor confesses, and Loki discovers he was abducted as a child. As Taylor draws detailed mazes, Loki assaults him and demands the location of the girls. Taylor grabs an officer's gun and kills himself. Loki shows the Birch parents and Keller photos of the bloody clothes, and they identify several as Joy's and Anna's. Keller continues torturing Alex, who cryptically talks about escaping from a maze.

Keller visits Holly, learning that Alex's speech disability comes from a childhood accident involving the pet snakes her husband kept.

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While devoutly religious, Holly and her husband lost their faith after their son died of cancer, and adopted Alex as a way to cope.It only takes a minute to sign up. Jones and he gets placed in her dungeon beneath the car in her backyard. At the end though, when Detective Loki Jake Gyllenhaal hears the faint whistling sounded by Keller, does he realise it's him? The final scene ends when Loki hears the whistling, looks in the vague direction and the credits roll.

It seems like we're supposed to read into it that Keller was saved, but I'm not too sure. It cannot be determined, but the chances of Keller being found by Loki is high based on Loki's expression after listening to the faint whistle sound twice and also we were shown in the movie that Detective Loki is good with details and connecting dots.

In an interview with screenwriter Aaron Guzikowski it is explained that an ending where Keller is found by Loki was actually filmed, but was deliberately decided against in favour of a more ambiguous ending:. And it never really changed.

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When we were shooting, we did shoot a version where it goes a little beyond where the fade out is. None of us really wanted to do that version, but we wanted to make sure we had it in case once the film was put together it seemed like it really needed it. But after testing the film with the ending it has now, everyone decided that was definitely the way to go.

Joel Cox, the editor, felt very strongly about it.

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I like it much better being ambiguous. But Detective Loki is so tenacious during the movie. In my mind he would: Those two guys have a strange connection that they form over the course of the movie. I was very surprised that we were allowed to keep that ending. I was surprised I was able to get the movie made, actually. Especially ending the way it does. I've just watched the movie and then came here to look for questions asked about it.

My interpretation of this particular scene is as follows:.It only takes a minute to sign up. I can't really wrap my head around one thing: the fact that two victims of the kidnappers - Bob Taylor and Alex Jones - refer to the house as "the maze". Alex Jones tells Keller that he can find the girls at "the maze", while Bob Taylor literally drew a maze when asked where the girls were.

So in what aspect is the house "a maze"? According to this explanation :. It represents the system that abducts children and, more importantly, the state of mind control these children are forced to live in. Later, Detective Loki finds a suspect named Bob Taylor who acts in bizarre matter and who was also a victim of Holly Jones.

prisoners movie explained in hindi

Bob managed to escape from the house, but while Bob is free, his mind is definitely not. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Ask Question.

prisoners movie explained in hindi

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According to this explanation : It represents the system that abducts children and, more importantly, the state of mind control these children are forced to live in.

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Decoding the Symbolic Ending of Prisoners (2013)

While this is certainly an interesting analysis, it's also worth mentioning that mazes play quite a role in the story itself as well as the killer's identity, which I'm not sure is entirely clear to the asker. It's not only abstract symbolism. This gave me an idea - Mazes are like prisons, except worse. I did some research: turns out that all the mazes that Bob drew were inescapable save for a few incomplete ones. Going back to the theme of "imprisonment", you can say that one is left to infinitely wander the maze, not knowing that they can never escape it.

The "mind control" factor you mentioned is hope - the maze-wanderer is implanted with a false sense of hope, one that keeps him searching for a freedom that is non-existent.Aaron Guzikowski, who wrote the Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal movie, says, "I was very surprised that we were allowed to keep that ending.

Prisonersdirected by Denis Villeneuve, was released nearly a month ago, and its cliffhanger ending has lingered with me.

Everyone thinks that Keller Hugh Jackman has run away in order to elude the police since he tortured Alex, who turned out to be innocent. But in fact, he's down a damn hole in Holly's back yard! Where she left him to die. In the film's final moments, Loki, about to leave the crime scene, thinks he hears something it's poor Hugh Jackman, down the hole, blowing his daughter's whistle.

Fade to black! And it never really changed. When we were shooting, we did shoot a version where it goes a little beyond where the fade out is.

There's a version where he moves the car and sees Hugh down there, and so on. None of us really wanted to do that version, but we wanted to make sure we had it in case once the film was put together it seemed like it really needed it.

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But after testing the film with the ending it has now, everyone decided that was definitely the way to go. Joel Cox, the editor, felt very strongly about it. I just think that's the moment when the movie is ready to end.

They see he's down there. You know he's going to be taken out of the hole. I like it much better being ambiguous. Even though you assume that's what's probably going to happen, I like that there's a small chance that he's not going to get him out of there for whatever reason.

But Detective Loki is so tenacious during the movie.


Is there a scenario where he'd actually walk away? In my mind he would: Those two guys have a strange connection that they form over the course of the movie.Together with his English language debut, Villeneuve created a story lined with suspense, thrill, and excitement. It is an experience that invites us to peel off the layers and attempt to create meaning from its shifting images. A story about success, perseverance, and faith, the film is a seamless thriller.

prisoners movie explained in hindi

Plot Details and Spoilers. Detective Loki is a loyal and upright cop with a pragmatic approach to life. His view is not on the eternal but tough facts and evidence. Loki follows a concrete path, whereas Keller is on the path to vengeance. While playing both of the girls locate an RV parked outside the home. Inquisitivelythey goes for a stroll but not return. Both parents frantically hunt throughout the area but are not able to find any success. When the police get involved, the story begins to gather momentum.

Keller loses his composure upon watching him and is convinced that Alex is the kidnapper. Upon insistence, Loki agrees to keep him in custody for some time longer but has to release him because of insufficient evidence. Keller makes the decision to take the matter into his own hands and kidnaps Alex to get the facts from him.

He confines Alex in his previous house and tortures him. Loki, on the other hand, does not appear to make headway in the situation. With most of the suspects and leads exercising, he becomes desperate to find replies. Stumbling upon a masked man at a candlelight vigil for the missing children, Loki finds out a new dimension of this circumstance.

The walls of the house are filled with sketches of intricate mazes that eventually become a leitmotif of the film. Unfortunately, the suspect, Bob Taylor, kills himself at the interrogation room, and Loki is consequently pushed back to ground zero. Following a different outcome, Loki searches the property of a priest, where he discovers a corpse in the cellar having a maze pendant on it.

The kidnapping of Alex makes things worse for Loki. For him, solving the maze is your pathway to finding Anna and Joy. He appears to operate out of time, and now we, as viewers, believe exactly the identical dread brought upon us by the impending doom. There are situations of trust and dismay.

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